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G5 Telecomm

Click2Call is a unique feature to VoIP. Click2Call uses a hyperlink which initiates two phone calls at the same time. One is to the VoIP subscriber’s phone, and the other is to a outbound number. The outbound number is usually a customer, while the VoIP subscriber is usually business. The click to call widget can be used by the VoIP subscriber, or by the customer on the subscriber’s website.

The VoIP subscriber can program in their regular phone numbers, so when they use Click2Call, they choose from the pre-programmed numbers, or enter a new one, and then the outbound number. This means that the call is routed through the phone number. Some providers will allow calls to the primary phone from the web portal, but not all VoIP providers offer this feature.

When the customer is using the Click2Call widget, they enter the phone number into the dialog box. This sends a command to call the VoIP subscriber or their call center, and also sends a command to dial the customer. Billing for this service depend on what plan the subscriber has with their VoIP provider. Some plans are unlimited, while others will depend on what numbers are being called. Generally speaking, SIP to SIP calls are free. PSTN to SIP, or Public Switched Telephone Network, are metered as regular minutes, but PSTN to PSTN are metered as double minutes.