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Wholesale SMS at G5Tel

If you are sending or want to be sending regular or large volume text messages then why not buy your text credits at wholesale prices? To ensure the best possible service we only use worldwide direct network routes and you only get charged for what is actually delivered.

Wholesale SMS is a premium direct route with 100% delivery text messaging service. Whether you are an individual, a small, medium or large organisation and want to send single texts or batch sends of up to 1 million recipients then we have everything you need!

There really has been no better time to capitalise on this boom in mobile handset ownership and usage. Personalised permission-based text message marketing via SMS is a proven method of getting your message direct to the recipient and the most likely of all mediums to actually be read within a short time of being received. Wholesale SMS provides a flexible, cheap and easy to use texting platform to help you get your message out there!