in Lebanon

8th flr. St. George
Sin El-Fil, Beirut

in Turkey

Kinalizade Sk. 4/3, Aksemsettin mah
Fatih, Istanbul


When it comes to VoIP, G5Tel is one of the oldest in the market. We provide our clients Hight Quality stable routes with the best prices in the market. We use the mostly updated technology that performs constant HQ traffic monitoring which ensures optimal ASR and ACD. Our clients enjoy fast voice interconnect with the best call quality, 100% CLI. If you're interested in testing us, you can contact our sales and manage to create a test account for you as soon as possible.


G5Tel have been in the send message services (SMS) since 2018 fully in the market having perfect contacts with mobile operators. Our clients can reach a large wide range of worldwide operations using our direct routes with 99% Delivery rate, and in addition to that we always have our back-up routes that are ready to back any route that drops momentarily down.